Ida Hoffart


Kvinden i buret

Graphics, modelmaking & set design

The shadow in the river

Concept design for film

The House of the Mosque

Concept design for film

G├ąten Ragnarok

Set design drafting

Hello down there

Concept design, modelmaking & drafting

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Concept design, model making & drafting


Production design for film

Miniature Model


Studio Design

Concept design for TV


I'm Ida Hoffart, a Copenhagen based art department and design professional working in the film and motion pictures industry. I've worked as an art director, graphic designer and set designer on a variety of feature films in Denmark and Norway.

My design work derives from the passion of conveying good stories by means of precise and appealing visual expressions, and applies skills spanning from in-depth research and pre-visualization, sketching and analog modelmaking to 3D-modeling and CAD-drafting combined in smooth digital workflows.

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